Babbie Mason – Hallowed Be Thy Name Lyrics


Hallowed Be Thy Name Lyrics


You are love, You are life, You are LORD over everything. Alpha, Omega, Jehovah the King of kings. Wonderful way maker worthy of my offering. Hallowed be Thy Name.

Repeat Chorus

Verse One

You’re the answer to all of my problems and You solve them.
(Hallowed be Thy name.) You supply all my needs and I call You Abba, Father. (Hallowed be Thy name.) You’re my all mighty fortress in a time of tribulation. (Hallowed be Thy name.) And I am more than a conqueror in every situation. (Hallowed be Thy name.)


Verse Two

You’re the only God and there will never be another. (Hallowed be Thy name.) And ten thousand angels couldn’t tell how much I love You. (Hallowed be Thy name.) I’m going to lift You up. Lift You higher, higher. (Hallowed be Thy name.) And everybody will see that You set my soul afire. (Hallowed be Thy name.)

Chorus (2XS)

(Hallowed be thy Name! Hallowed be thy Name!) Well Your my Jehovah Jireh! (Hallowed be thy Name!) You’re my provider. (Hallowed be thy Name!) You’re the Alpha and Omega. (Hallowed be thy Name!) And I know that you are able.(Hallowed be thy Name!) Your the LORD over everything. (Hallowed be thy Name!) And you are worthy of my offering. (Hallowed be thy Name!) There will never, never be another. (Hallowed be thy Name!) I can’t express how much I love you. (Hallowed be thy Name!)

Babbie Mason – Hallowed Be Thy Name Lyrics

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