Ghostemane – Bermuda Lyrics (feat. Ramirez)


Bermuda Lyrics (feat. Ramirez)

[Verse 1: Ghostemane]
I got a Devil on my shoulder and I’m looking at the other one while I’m waiting for an angel
But I’m not gonna wait up on it I know I’ll never see one
I just wanna swing swing swing from a tree by my neck now
Rah, rah
Baby, I’m alone and I know nobody will come looking if I went away and never came back
Let me go, let me go, let me go
Call the ether my home
Get the f*ck back, don’t attack
Hate me all because of where I’m at
I’m the motherf*cker that you all made fun of now you wanna pretend that you never were an enemy befriending me
Help me find the silver lining I cannot
Stop wanting to die without a “will I not”

[Verse 2: Ramirez]
Welcome to the blood oath

[?] on my hands
Take a motherf*cker inside of the oven, make him understand
Swinging from the tree better rake up all the leaves
f*ck around and leave a body swimming in the f*cking sea
Rise from the bottom of the pit
I fell in love with my demons gave ’em all a kiss
I’ll be the f*cking stranger coming straight out the f*cking abyss
Put yo’ f*cking name on my motherf*cking blacklist
It happens
I am the one that God cannot save
Put me away my demons will slay
Staying in darkness I’m loving the pain
I’m fighting myself and I’m living straight
Walking a path, completing my sins
Living this world where good guys don’t win
Putting my feelings inside of this bin
I don’t give a f*ck if this my end

Ghostemane – Bermuda Lyrics (feat. Ramirez)

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