Grayson Capps – I See You Lyrics


I See You Lyrics

The sun slither down behind the sycomore tree,
The wind rolled in to cool me about there grins,
It’s been to hot mama, you know it’s been to warm,
It will be alright when the summer is gone, oh yeah.

The fish ain’t been biting but my hook is wet,
Ain’t seen no rain since the day I left,
Take a drink of water when your throat is dry,
I’m gonna sit on the dam all through the night, yeah

Hear the bullfrogs croaking all around the pond,
Sounds just like a concert down in New Ville Orleans,
Streams through the forest just like the blood in my
And I see you in everything, I do.

Boy I pack my bags, I hit the road,
I own a streatch of land, got me a Fish and Hold,
Gonna sit right here until I clear my head,
Cuz I see you in everything, yeah I do.

But I love you now, just like I loved you then,
I’m getting a little too old to try and pretend,
There will be another to compare with you,
Cuz I see you in everything, I do.

Bit there are no answers, its just a road you’re on,
If you don’t open up your eyes, soon it will all be
Breez through the forest, just like the breath in my
Now I see you in everything.

Grayson Capps – I See You Lyrics

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