Kodak Black – 300 Blackout Lyrics


300 Blackout Lyrics

Yeah, SG ain’t dead, but KTB got new motion, you heard?
You wasn’t never this

Say, I was at the Marriott smokin’ Black & Mild in the elevator
Some niggas made f*cked up decisions where no man can save ’em
Everybody know me ’round my way, I’m a bona fide gangster
Gunslinger, I let it off broad day, them niggas was pointin’ fingers
What the f*ck I look like bein’ a hater? I made it happy for ’em
My lil’ nigga started touchin’ paper, I was happy for him
I was in the cell thinkin’ I was comin’ home to you and me
How it was before they booked me, but how it’s lookin’, it’ll never be how it used to be
Come on, player
I tried to spare you, I don’t wanna hurt you, but I’m ’bout to blank
‘Cause loyalty is the f*ckin’ virtue until it ain’t
In the back of the Maybach, paper plates, put up the Dracs, we on a date
I heard a nigga got the drop to my mama house, but bitch, you late
‘Cause she been moved, big house, swimmin’ pool with a lake
I’m on a private jet, just me and bae, we havin’ dinner
And no, nigga, ain’t no f*ckin’ beef, I just come and get you
I’m ’bout my issue, I don’t know ’bout you, but I’m gon’ deliver
I’ma pop my pistol, I’ma hop out, shoot, I’ma run, go get ’em
And the lil’ bitch say she ready to eat, bitch, you gon’ wait
Be with real killers everyday, we look each other in the face
And steppin’ on shit, I left my footprints ’round the city
That’s f*cked up what they did to Young Thug, can’t let them get me
I was freestylin’ this shit, I say, “Shit, I might as well just write it”
I’m a one-man army, I don’t need no clique, need no indictments
I grew up in the judicial system, snipin’ and fightin’

In juvenile detention centers, incitin’ riots
In the studio, two nights in off a gram of that meth
Water whippin’ in my kitchen, sticks and glizzys on my shelf
Treat the suburbs like the projects, turned the mansion to the trap house
I was pistol whippin’, lil’ nigga, I ain’t even notice, I just blacked out
Fully loaded Blackout .300, a coyote one
Kept shootin’ that nigga, I blacked out, did it for my mama, her oldest son
Everybody say I’m chosen one, the golden one
The only one around my way done made it, safe to say lil’ nigga knowin’ somethin’
Yeah, I’m a rapper, I smoke Runtz
SG, snatch and grab, walk a nigga to the trunk (I walk your bitch-ass to the trunk)
I’m at the Panthers Arena, I’m high as f*ck
My bitch lookin’ like Ari and Taina all at once
This Drac’ gon’ change a nigga demeanor as soon I up
Keep askin’, I’ma tell you exactly who I done f*cked
Bitch, stay out your feelings, I don’t be in your business ’bout who you f*ck
I keep a lil’ swoop, as soon I duck, gon’ get some new dust
They at that bag, go get that sack all by myself
Hit that intersection, I’m loaded up, I’m loafin’ up
Got plenty routes, different directions, I’m never stressin’
And bitch, when I walk in this f*ckin’ room, don’t ask no questions
It’s KTB, Kodak the boss, Kodak the blessin’
Kill that boy, kill that bitch too, anybody get it
Everybody get it
Got gang in here, everybody with me
Catch a nigga where he ain’t ‘posed to be, you know I’ma kill him
And a friendship can’t do nothin’ for me when it’s ’bout my business
If I catch me a nigga throwin’ up that Z, then you better be with me
Catch your ass throwin’ up that Z, you better be with this shit

Kodak Black – 300 Blackout Lyrics

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