Lil' Mabu – Mathematical Disrespect Lyrics


Mathematical Disrespect Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Like, most of y’all rappers is signed to the streets
Only deal that you took was a plea
Mabu get money, while he pee
Shout out my label, that’s me
I own hundred percent of my cuts, bitch, nobody takin’ a fee
3.141592653, I’m the king of NYC
I heard they send my music to police, so this is a message to NYPD
I cap in my raps, I’m a innocent tweep
Keep a teddy bear when I sleep
I’m rapping the words but they write it for me
Me? I’m all about keepin’ the peace
I mean, I least I get paid, ’cause a lot of these rappers be cappin’ for free
They call me The Ock
I got the bread, she chopped but said, “Can I bring a friend?”
Never, never, never, I guess she forgot the bev’, like
Two fives don’t equal to ten
Quick math, don’t try it again
She shaped like a turtle or a hen, her makeup is f*cked, she don’t know how to blend
Make her do Wordle, she need to have brains if she givin’ out head

Call her Virgil, huh, ’cause the way she be blowin’ shit, got me dead
Haha, shawty got Arctan, I wanna intersect her circle
She like, “Mabu, I like purple,” so I blew her back out and I left her on red
Get it? ‘Cause blue and red equals purple
So I “blue” her back out and I left her on “red”
Don’t let that go over your head

[Verse 2]
One thot, two thot, three thot, four
They all put their knees on the floor
Kiesha, Becky, Sophie, Zoe
Textin’ me, begging for more
Blockin’ that bitch if she callin’ me, “Bro”
If you my dawg, then chew on my bone (Woof, woof)
Lil Mabu the king at switchin’ the— flow
To all my competition, dig a grave, dig a grave
I invested money in myself and it paid
I can’t take a break ’til Mabu is a household name

Lil' Mabu – Mathematical Disrespect Lyrics

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