Locksmith – Quarantine Lyrics


Quarantine Lyrics

Yo, look

I’ve been behaving like I’m in a haven, like I’m isolating myself as a choice
I kept my distance away from you niggas before this new virus ’cause I was annoyed
I contemplated my place in this ploy
I concentrate on the stakes of the void
Ya’ll rappers spending more time in your lives
Than on your verses, I get through the surface
I purposely put all this weight on my shoulders
Rather be fed and well read as opposed to
Ya’ll out here f*ckin’ these bitches raw dog
Then put on a mask in fear of that ‘Rona
Known to be staunch and rebellious, notice
How I excel without selling my soul, it’s
A feat in itself, I don’t feed into self
Loathing methods, I kept my composure and focus, ay
Put it on display and expand some, ay
Sick of all the messages from randoms, ay
And all these celebrities tellin’ me I should stay home when they tweetin’ from a mansion, ay
Let me quarantine in peace, let me pour it in my speech
I was born up in the beast, I don’t fall off
Take the agony and grief, put it back up in the streets
Make an album in a week, I’m a ball hog
Let me log off, that’s another jaw drop
Leave me ’round your girl, she gon’ suck a nigga log off
Get the f*ck away if you wheeze, have a small cough
Ya’ll soft, that’s the definition of a boss, ya’ll
I been making provisions

I take a rapper’s ambitions and lay ’em flat on his ass and bring it back to the lyrics
I’m really actin’ an ass, I’m goin’ after they digits
My haberdashery has insurmountable clips
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (What?)
That’s what I spit with a slight urge
Imagine when I’m really motivated and reveal the orchestration, I’ve been waiting to recite words
I’m gettin’ sick of these people that speakin’ on shit they don’t know about
p*ssy, leave me alone
I don’t get traction or any distraction
I’m really ’bout action, and rap is my vehicle (Yah)
Put fear in the backseat (Woo)
Treat negativity like a gas leak
Every metaphor I record is a chord on the court that I ran like an athlete (Yah)
Knock you off of your pedestal, what you pledge is illegible
Niggas plan to stun me, me and money’s inseparable
I don’t wait for permission or any authorization
Any offer you makin’, I’m taking off if you let it pull
I don’t gotta list my achievements (Nah)
Leave your career in bereavement (Yes)
Leave your veneers in the cement
See bitch, you can never reach, you should repent (Woo)
Resent what I do as a whole
What I do a day is what you view as a goal
What I do a day is like food for the soul
So relax or relapse when the truth unfolds

Locksmith – Quarantine Lyrics

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