Natalia – Everything & More Lyrics


Everything & More Lyrics

I was living surrounded by diffrent
shades of grey
With a dream that promised
all the colours, then you came
Nothing seemed to fit i tried
to find my place
I found my way through
your grace

Suddenly, i’m waking up each day
Carresed awake by your rays

You’re giving me everything and more
No more coulors to complete
You’re half the painting that is me
We’re a masterpiece
And everyday i didn’t know you,
You were still meant for me

You were still meant for me
I was breathing in and out
but far from feeling alive
With a dream that promised a kiss of live,
then you came
Now i’m living each and everyday under a
rainbow sky
And you’re the firefly lighting up my night

Always hoped the fairytale would
happen to me
And i waited my turn so patiently
Now i don’t have to sleep to live out this
Our colours formed this masterpiece

Natalia – Everything & More Lyrics

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