Nicki Minaj – 5 Star Chick Remix Lyrics


5 Star Chick Remix Lyrics

I just had an epiphany I need to go to Tiffany’s
Fendi on my slippers and my cookies always slippery
I dont need help I pay the bills on time
So I be yellin f*ck ’em with a deal don’t sign
5 Lil Mama you a 3 star
I aint sleepin’ when I say im in my dream car
Oh did I stutta Harajuku hyphen


Im hot I think its time to put the rice in
I was sittin in the chair I was gluin my weave in
When you hit the stage they was booin and leavin
Young Money red flag no more auditions
Ask Lil Wayne who the 5 star bitch is1

Nicki Minaj – 5 Star Chick Remix Lyrics

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