Piet Veerman – Go On Home Lyrics


Go On Home Lyrics

Wish I could find, another way to say goodbye You know we have been livin’ out a lie There ain’t nothing I can do Now show me whatever you do Can he ever be a friend of mine It’s all from lovin’ you

Go on home, go on home Leave me alone Go on home, go on home Oh honey love is blown

Our lies rebound We gotta pay now it’s all gone And though I hate to leave you all alone While he’s waitin’ darling please Tell me, so long It had to be now set me free How could we go wrong

If ever you should find me All alone, go on go Afraid of the light now, I’m tryin’ to hide Our wrong We could never, ever tell right from wrong Oh no no Try to believe me It always would grieve me to go on

Come Monday you’re home Holdin’ hands, singing that same old song Go on home, it’s down to you Leave me alone

Piet Veerman – Go On Home Lyrics

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