Valdy – Dirty Old Man Lyrics


Dirty Old Man Lyrics

An old man stood on the corner and watched some young
folks come his way.They had youthful smilin faces,
Prompted that old man to say, ‘Howdy, kids. How ya been
doin’? Geez it sure is a hell of a day.’ They just
stared, looked him up and down and walked on along the
way.The old man shook his head passed his fingers thru
hair so gray. As those kids walked down the street, I
thought I heard the old man say…..

been around for 80 summers, some were winners and some
were bummmers, I’ve loved’em all. Once I was young and
full of fun like you, I had a million dreams and some
came true, you can’t win em all.

Now I’m old and tired, bent and busted, gray and
wrinkled and I can’t be trusted. Just a dirty old man.

as I look back on the younger years, you shared your
hopes and you shared your fears, Yes I made that scene.
Parents, never understood and I guess that I felt that
they never would, do you know what I mean?

Well, I’ve done some livin’ in this live of mine,I’ve
laughed and loved in the summertime, I remember it
well there was lips to kiss, and hands to hold. and I
never thought I would get very old. andlook at here I
am. Here I’m ….. chorus

and you, you wait 50 years or so, you’ll be standing on
the corner with no place to go, just a lookin’ around,
and some young folks’ll pass you by, don’t say hello,
don’t even wave hi, they’ll only put you down.

look at me just a dirty old man

Valdy – Dirty Old Man Lyrics

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