Victoria Wood – Crush Lyrics


Crush Lyrics

I saw you today. Well, I just saw your blazer,
And it went thro’ my heart like the beam of a laser,
And I thought that today you would turn round and see
But you didn’t.

The bus didn’t come. It was dead rainy weather,
When it came it was full and we didn’t stand together,

And I smiled half a smile down the aisle,
But you didn’t notice, did you?
Did you?

I love you so much, all my friends think I’m crazy.
I get told off at school cos I dream and I’m lazy.

I’m dreaming of you,
But I don’t suppose you know that do you?

You smiled at me once. Don’t suppose you remember,
But I know when it was. Was the tenth of September,

And you put down your bag on my foot,
And I said it didn’t matter.

I’ve got old souvenirs like your empty crisp packet,
And a blond curly hair from the back of your jacket.

They are under my bed.
Maybe one day I’ll show them to you, shall I?
Shall I?

If we went on a date I would just be in heaven.
Well, I know you’re sixteen but I’m tall for eleven.

If I paid for myself could we p’raps go for a pizza?
Could we?

I’m all muddled up when I think of you.
I’m not really sure what I’m meant to do.

My best friend Louise said, oh, write him a letter,
Cos it can’t make things worse, and it might make them

So I did, but I think, well I don’t think you ever got
Did you?
Did you?

It was all like in rhyme and I drew like a Snoopy,
And used all different pens. Did you think I was loopy?

Did you crumple it up?
Did you chuck it in your bin? Oh did you?

I saw you today. Well, I just saw your blazer,
And I’m hurting inside like I’m cut with a razor,

Cos I thought that today that you would turn round and
see me.
But you didn’t.

I wrote that I loved you and I really meant it.
Now I feel really dumb. I should never have sent it.

Do you hate me or what? Did I do stupid spelling. Tell
me, did I?
Did I?

Cos I think about you right from dawn until dusk. You
Haven’t spoken to me. I just stand in your bus queue,

And I sent you a note,
But I don’t think that you got it,
Did you?

Victoria Wood – Crush Lyrics

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